Rendered Goofy

It was raining where i lived on Saturday... I headed west..

The little beach i call heaven?

Was just that...

You can see in the third picture not one footprint in the sand..

I have to be careful swimming here... the currents that run thru the water here are strong and fast.

Being human means i am the only one who is rendered goofy by the currents.. turtles seem to manage just fine~

i am an island gal.....


Chrissy said…
I love that shot of the turtles!... such grace they have.
ρομπερτ said…
What a beautiful way to explain life. Thank you for sharing. Please have a nice Tuesday.
Firefly said…
It must be wonderful to have your own little paradise spot to flee to when things get rough.
leilani said…
thanks guys! =0D really, ive lived here my whole life and just found this spot! Shame on me!!

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