"Lady, you're kidding, Right?"

Our ocean reefs are rather fragile things.

When I am in the water I do not walk on a reef and I am very careful what I touch.

Im my quest to get a closer look at this turtle, I had to gyrate my body in several different ways.

The look on this turtles face says it all.

" Lady you're kidding , right???" LOLOLOL

I am an island gal......


Barry said…
Ah, s/he's a cutey (sorry I can't tell male from female turtles. I hope they can).
Lori ann said…
heehee, you gotta love that look! i love your love and respect for nature, our earth and all it's creatures!
xo lori
Chrissy said…
I don't think the word 'kidding' is the right word!. more like wth?? lol...
Nancy said…
I'm the same way. The reefs are teeming with life, and I always try to respect that. This turtle does look a little surprised... but oh so cute! (My husband emailed my daughter and said he was in love with turtles after seeing two in Maui earlier in the week.)
Andrea said…
What a wonderful Picture!
Firefly said…
He does have a bit of a amused look on his face.

Somebody found a baby turtle on on of our beaches the other day. It looked like it was really struggling, specially seeing that we're not in turtle territory. They called the local oceanarium who came and rescued it. I hope he survives.
leilani said…
LOL=0D Barry, neither can I!

Thank you Lori Ann!

ROFL Chrissy! I know.. this picture will make me laugh for along time!

nancy I am so glad you guys got here and you know his turtle love will bring you back!

Thank u Andrea!
leilani said…
OH wow Fire! im sure they will try their hardest! sometimes they come ashore because they are sick.. what a hard life the ocean can be!

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