It was rough all weekend on the North Shore.

Winds here on the island of Oahu have been howling! That wind kicks the ocean up and she becomes miles and miles of white tipped water! Its amazing but when the whales leave sometime in April THAT'S when the waters start to calm down.

I took the first two pictures at Kaiaka State Park on the North Shore. There are much prettier parks here on Oahu but this park has "THE ROCK".

"THE ROCK" is called Pohaku O Lana'i and it has served two purposes in history. The ancient Hawaiians used this as a place of worship. They believed worshiping here made them spear proof from their enemies. Later this rock was used as a bell. Fishermen would hit this rock with a stick to let others know the fish were in, come catch them !

As much as i wanted too I did not test the rock for its bell like qualities. Why? Well, this is ANOTHER place where you can hear a pin drop! It is amazing!

The Hawaiians seemed to have chosen quiet places as sacred places. I couldn't bring myself to stand there and beat the rock with a stick!

The view of the ocean from this rock is amazing.. and I could not help but notice the angle of the rock mirrors the mountains in the background.

I am an island gal.......


Chrissy said…
Gorgeous!. Never went to the North Shore, can u believe that? I would of rung that 'bell'... lol
Barry said…
My sacred places in nature are quiet places too.

Where you can hear yourself think.
Anonymous said…
Thank you once again for this "escape" of a way too loud world, where Easter celebrations are mostly done during the night, with firework.
Please have a wonderful start into the weekend.
Nancy said…
Oh my, what a beautiful story. I loved the music you played with it.

Seven more sleeps and I will be near your lovely island! :-)
Crazyfox said…
Where is this..Cannot believe I havd never seen this place..

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