Angels and a Lesson!

Ive always called these Angel Fish... their correct name is" Moorish Idols".I actually got a picture of them yesterday! Usually they take one look at me and are down the ocean highway!

They are such beautiful fish! Their colors just pop out at you! A Big Thank you my local friends Don Bloom and Vernon Enriques who taught me their correct name!

A big M A H A L O to William Kapaku Jr who brought the song that plays on this page to my attention!

I am a " constantly learning" island gal!


Those are gorgeous fish.. My dad use to collect tropical fish and Angel fish were one of the hardest to keep alive... Then again, I would imagine any tropical fish would be hard to raise in a man made tropical tank...
Firefly said…
All tropical fish are beautiful. I would love to one day have the opportunity to dive or snorkle somewhere with lots of fish like this.

In Finding Nemo there was a Moorish Idol called Gill. Just a bit of useless info.
leilani said…
They are beautiful Chrissy! I missed the octupus thats up in the right hand side of the pic! red orb!

Love that Fire!! Gill seems like a good name!

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