Sneak Peak

I guess you can tell my little beach mobile has been repaired and i am on the road again! I thought i would give you a first look at the new spot i have found to swim in.

The water is still tooooo winter cloudy but this weekend may be promising! You will be the first to see what is under the water here at the place i call Paradise2...

I am an island gal..


Firefly said…
I can't wait to see what it looks like around here.
Nancy said…
Love the music! It is so funny that you don't want to swim in the winter, because of cloudy water, but the rest of us come over just to do that during these months. :-)
leilani said…
Me too Fire! I could see turtle heads and flippers popping out of the water! I cant wait!

LOL Nancy! I know..its hard to get the pictures in cloudy water! oh i know Nancy and the water is COLD! lolol we are spoiled!

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