The Faces of a Hawaiian Sunrise..

I get to where im going while its still dark.. I just dont want to miss any part of the many faces of a sunrise. In winter the skies just explode! All of these picture belong to the SAME sunrise!

I am an island gal.....


leilani said…
Thank U Trish and Rob! =) LOVE ur blog!!
Cloudia said…

That's Ono

Aloha from Honolulu,

Comfort Spiral

Firefly said…
These are really a couple of beautiful sunrise pics. It always help to have wisps of cloud around at sunrise and sunset. Makes it even more beautiful.
I am always in awe of what nature does all around us. You did a wonderful job of capturing some of that beauty (although I miss the power lines). I am so happy you have a car once again.
Crazyfox said…
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Crazyfox said…
I will always remember those Hawaii sunsets...great pics...
leilani said…
LOL Cloudia! =) Onolisious!

Thank you Fire! I love waiting to see what colors are going to show up!

LOLOL Don ! i was in a field (private property) i stayed undetected till the end of sunrise when a security officer came barreling after me! LOLOL.. the price i pay for NO power lines!!

Thank you Confort!=)

Thank you Dave! You had a great view of the sky there from ur house!
Lloyd said…
Sunset view never fails to amazed me.
This photo is very beautiful.

Thanks for sharing this to us.

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