Little Spider, Big Spider..

After several weeks of my beachmobile being ill, she is up and about and running magnificently! Yesterday after work I headed out to the middle of the island to see what sunset had in store .

We are full into winter weather here, so the skies were cloudy and gray.. I didn't care, I was going anyway!

I notice i spend alot of time in the bushes taking pictures, whether I am at the ocean or not, I can always find a bush I need to stand in to get the picture I want.

Yesterday was no different I found myself again crawling thru the bushes! I accidentally ran into a spider web. ( I sooo dislike that feeling) I just happened to see the spider, he immediately became busy busy repairing what i had messed up.

I clicked this picture and then for unknown reasons dropped my camera, lens first in the mud....

When i got home I took a look at the picture I took. Do you see the WEB the clouds are making?? ( Laughing ) Well no I wonder i dropped my camera! Big spider in the sky had his eye on little spider in the bushes !

After cleanup my little camera is okay.......

I am an island gal......


Firefly said…
Dropping one's camera is always a scary thought. Glad yours are okay. I have a fear for spiders and other critters, but when looking at them through the camera lense, that fear disappears.
leilani said…
i hear you Fire! I know u should of heard me scream not when i felt the spider web BUT when i dropped my camera!!

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