Disney has been building a hotel out on the west side of the island..Disney is calling it Hawaiian it means "messenger of a chief"... yesterday this sight stopped me dead in my tracks. Its really is starting to look like Disney.

I tried to get in but they have all construction openings guarded! Shucks.. i wanted to see if Mickey Mouse was in house yet!

I will keep you posted.. sooner or later Mickey WILL show up!


R u kidding me? I am surprised they found some land to build that, Now the day u post about Disneyland being built, then I pray for all of u who live on that island, cuz building THAT will surely sink Oahu..
Nai: In response to your comment.. Not too well, my son is giving me problems... He's 20 so, u can imagine the issues I am dealing with.. gotta do some tough love, if u know what i mean. Got rid of one issue u know of now I deal w/another!.
leilani said…
LOLOL Chrissy! LOLOL! its amazing isnt it! I can say goodbye to my secluded beaches! I better get to see Mickey Mouse!
leilani said…
yes Chrissy I know! Hang in there one day he MAY start behaving like the adult he thinks he is?
Jeffito said…
Looks awesome!
Leilani Tresise said…
LOLOL Jeffito!! I took this in 2011... been watching that place for along time... =)
Leilani Tresise said…
p.s. Jeffito.. im still looking for that canoe pic!! I have thousands of pics... rofl its becoming ridiculous!!

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