Wait for the Light

It was still dark and I was in an area I was not familiar with. This area for many years had been for "Military Personal Only" but had since been open to the public. Bouncing down the dirt road, just me in my little beach mobile, the thought did occur to me that I had "lost my mind".

I knew the ocean was to the right of me, so I parked the car. Once out of the car I realized that it was so dark, if I walked away from my car I'd never find it again.

I stood there for a few minutes, clutching on to the open door of my little car, afraid to let it go. The little light on inside of my car was the only light I had. Standing there i mumbled," NOW I KNOW you have lost your marbles!"

I was there for the sunrise and almost as soon as thoughts of my mental soundness left me, the pale pink and blue light of dawn began.

"OKAY, we are in business here" I uttered and started up over the small sand mound that had appeared in front of me.

There are times when my legs become like soft rubber at the sight of Planet Earth, This was one of those times. A fallen pine tree still green, a row of silent fishing poles standing at attention, Diamond Head in the background, the famous icon dwarfed and humbled by the magnificence of the rising sun. It was breathtaking!

If you haven't watched a sunrise in awhile, say hello to the darkness and wait for the light... It is well worth it!

I am an island gal.....


I know exactly where u went! It is gorgeous.. Ex-u-know-who took me there...I would love to come back to Oahu, but the memories are too harsh.
leilani said…
I understand Chrissy! I bet you sunrise in your yard with your beautiful flowers is a HARD light to beat!! LOL someday Chrissy.. u will walk the sand without the ache!
Firefly said…
Its much easier to do sunrises in winter cause you don't have to get up as early as in summer. So as soon as winter arrives again I will start doing some sunrises again. As for your photo... simply beautiful. I can imagine myself on the beach there with you watching that.
leilani said…
yes Fire! lol..seems like winter morning are darker too! =0I

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