Whose following whom?

We are having a wet, rainy summer. Its okay, we need the rain badly.

The fresh water flowing into the ocean on the North Shore usually happens only in our winter months.

But this summer because of more rainfall than usual, its been flowing into the Bay on a regular basis.

I have found the dolphins that swim on the North Shore do not like the fresh water that flows into the Bay and stay in deeper water because of it.

I was thrilled this morning when I saw that even though it was raining again the river at the Bay was NOT flowing into the ocean....

Sure enough... they came.... full of energy...

Joyous, noisy, having a splendid time... I always wonder if they know when its raining?

And I have a million dollar question i don't think will ever get answered. The question?

"Do the dolphins follow the rainbows, or do the rainbows follow the dolphins?"=0D

I am an island gal.....


Nancy said…
Soooo beautiful! They are truly blessed creatures - I think the rainbows follow them. :-)
The answer is simple!, YOU and the rainbow follow the dolphins! LOL
Nope, the rainbows definitely follow you.
Lucky you, playful dolphins are so much fun. I am so glad you got to swim with them. I only hope you didn't get wet from the rain.
Firefly said…
Would it be too much to ask you to get a pic of a breaching dolphin right under a rainbow? Probably. LOL. You have the most stunning dolphin pics as usual. Wish I was there.
Do you swim with the dolphins all the time? Are you a scuba diver? Will have to check out your about me page, I NEED to know :)
Anonymous said…
Rarely something leaves me wordless, this does. A deep bow in respect of your being and photography.
leilani said…
Thank you for the comments! Queen of the Rant.. i wait for the dolphins..LOL .. my friends call it mt QUEST=0D.. Swimming with dolphins from shore is a waiting game! Ive been doing it for 8 years so far ive not tired of waiting =0D

Thank you Nancy!

lol Chrissy.. i bet u are right!

LOLOL Fire ! can u imagine!?

Don! darn nrain.. soaking wet! LOLOL!

Thank you Robert!
leilani said…
Aloha Cloudia! =0D

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