Shortly after i took this picture, a young woman swam up to this turtle grabbed a hold of it and tried to ride the turtle. I lifted my head out of the water and said. "WHY, did you do that?" she said, "DO WHAT?" "Ride the turtle". I said.

"OH", she said. "Its alright, its just a turtle". I said to her,"NO, its NOT alright, that little turtle had just 3 fins" I proceeded to tell her if she could not respect an injured animal, maybe she should not have children.

My daughter says i have become radical in my older years. I am afraid i have to agree. I don't want to be mean or ugly, BUT i want to stand up for what is right and what is wrong.

AS i see it this planet has moved forward amazingly quick. We as humans have all the gadgets, all the knowledge but we have forgotten to bring with us one important thing... RESPECT.

I am a radical island gal.......


Chrissy said…
GF!, IF I WAS THERE I WOULD OF HAD YOUR BACK ON THIS...OMG,that poor turtle was probably scared to death.. I tell u humans I really wonder about their level of stupidity... guess that chick's level was way over the top.
I cannot agree more with you Leilani. Respect has become an outdated concept in modern day society... and I mean respect in all its forms.
I try (often not successfully) to show the people compassion because they usually don't know any better.
I tell them that sea turtles are endangered species and that it is against the law to harass them. That's usually enough to get them to show some respect.
leilani said…
Chrissy and A Human we all need to swim with DON! LOLOL! WE are WOMEN hear us ROAR!! LOLOL..

Thank you DON! lolol.. my life as a woman become more aggressive as ive gotten older.. I need a lesson in patience and tack? I was so fired mad I just let it rip =0I
Nancy said…
Hurray for you!! What a moron. Sorry, I have no patience with ignorant people who do not respect wild life. Especially turtles.
sweetmango said…
Poor wee turtle. I hope the lady will learn compassion and see the world with different eyes.
I understand how you felt.
Firefly said…
Good on you for telling her. This kind of behaviour I blame on television. She probably thinks that if some cartoon character can do it, so can she.
Radical or not, we all need to stand up for what we believe in. Poor little turtle. Is it common for them to be missing fins? I feel so bad for all the sea turtles, because we have polluted our oceans, their home!

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