The Lifeguards at Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu are very special men and women.

I have watched them unselfishly enter raging waters to rescue those who have wondered too close to the ocean and have been washed out.

They single handly keep extreme surfers out of harms way during the winter months, risking their lives to save a fellow surfer.

So when i ran across this sign attached to a pile of underwater rocks i started to laugh! The Waimea Bay Lifeguards have a soft spot!

Please leave their fish house alone! LOLOL!

I am an island gal.....


Firefly said…
Baywatch made lifeguards' jobs look like something so glamorous, but often its a very thankless job of sitting out there in blazing heat or freezing cold winds. I am glad to see these guys have a great sense of humour and nature.
That is good, someone needs to help protect them...(u can't do it all alone) :-)
Why are the rocks there? Is it to protect the fish house, or is it for the fish to live and hide in? Oh island life I wish I had that life.
leilani said…
Queen.. it is there to draw fish and they then make it their home=0D

=0D Chrissy..lolol!

Fire, i really admire these guys!

Thank you A Human=0D

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