Dolphin Days and Dr. Kit.

Saturday and Sunday May 22 & 23 2010.. dolphins dolphins dolphins=0D.

I never ever get tired of seeing them.

Kit a friend of mine was with me Sunday. I told her, "keep swimming, Kit" and she did... soon she was surrounded by dolphins.. She lifts her head out of the water and starts yelling," I AM THE LUCKIEST PERSON ON THE PLANET."

Dolphins do that to you. Kit came here to Hawaii only a couple years ago. She has worked hard her whole life. I met Kit on the beach at Waimea. Kit WAS all business. Her life of work and more work, diagnoses and healing makes her just a little different by all outward appearances. Kit is a doctor.

I have no greater joy in my life than seeing the ocean transform a life.

Dolphins see by sonar..

They see our hearts...

their sonars allow them to look past outward appearances..

All the knowledge and all the logic that Kit possess disappear
in the presence of the dolphins. I am curious to see as time goes on and i know it will happen, just how much the dolphins will change Dr, Kit.

I am an island gal....


Chrissy said…
the last photo looks like a painting!. gorgeous photos Lei...
Barry said…
I can see how that experience would be transformative. Dr.Kit is very lucky.
I agree. I think that by interacting directly with nature (without other people), I leave the persona that I've constructed over the years and can be the real me.
BTW, I'm jealous while also being happy for you. I haven't seen dolphins in ages.
Nancy said…
She is, truly, the luckiest girl in the world! I would give anything for time in the water with those beautiful creatures.
mARTy said…
I love these pictures!!!!

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