Spotlight Moment

Up early headed East again... kitty Machwas vet day... i missed the yellow raising of the sun BUT I did get there a little past 7am and this happened.. i waited for something to come jumping out of that perfect spotlight in the middle of the ocean .. the sun and the clouds playing with the ocean.

I stood there for quite awhile just mesmerized..

I turned to my left and took this.. the east coast of Oahu.. her rugged shore line so magnificent in the early morning light!.. I got in the car and headed west..

By the time i got to the west coast the sun was shining bright and clear.. it was a truly beautiful morning!

I have fallen deeply in love with the west side of the island..

Her sandy shorelines, blue blue water, and awesome mountains.

That one spotlight moment in the morning gave way to a whole weekend full of light and sun and dolphins..

i am a grateful island gal....


Anonymous said…
It's now close to four in the morning over here and I am grateful to say thank you for the first picture of yours, forcing me nearly to say "oh my god", which is very, very rare.

Please have a wonderful Wednesday.
leilani said…
Your welcome Robert! It is truly humbling to stand a watch what only nature can do!
Yes, this is a spectacular place.
I had dinner on the beach last week and watched whales spouting out to sea, but saw nothing else. Then, just as the orange ball of the sun was dipping into the water, a whale breached right next to the sun. First breach I had seen that evening. Of course, my camera was not ready at that exact instant. Still, it reminds me of your spotlight moment.
leilani said…
Don thats so amazing because i stood real still just waiting .. of course if i didnt have the camera it would of happened! I figure the most AMAZING things are never caught on film!

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