The Rainbow and the Turtle

On Sunday the waves were back with a vengeance . I waited till the afternoon, got into my little beachmobile and headed North

It really doesn't matter the weather on the North Side of Oahu.

The beauty is always there.

The sunset that evening in front of me and behind me.. just beautiful...

But it is what the sun did to this picture that is the most amazing.. my camera , the sun, sand and sea.. threw a rainbow over this turtle and the rock she was sitting by. that's not her shell, that's a rainbow!!! I am forever grateful for this magnificent planet!

I am an island gal....


Chrissy said…
Girl, u take such awesome photos... I love sea turtles....I even have a collection of turtles as well as a gold turtle charm that u-know-who gave that rainbow! u should frame that... A special moment.
Firefly said…
Your sunsets are like sunsets on a paradise island... oh yes, you do live on a paradise island. And you and your turtles. You are the turtle lady, although I like Island Girl better.
Barry said…
What an amazing photo to the turtle with the rainbow shell.

And the waves coming into the beach are beautiful beyond description.
Crazyfox said…
Lani..Just near your cover shot is a cave or really an indent where part of the cliff caved in. Have you ever crawled down to it ? Some interesting coral sometimes gets washed in....Boy, do I miss those times...especially when I look out at the snow and 15 degree chill factor..Ugh !
These photos are almost too beautiful to be real. The one of the sun setting over the ocean is my favourite. Thanks.
leilani said…
Thank you Chrissy! I think ur right this one needs a wall=0D

LOl Fire, ur skies in South Africa bring tears to my eyes.. nowhere is there such a blue!

Thank you Barry!

Dave i tried to get to that cave the day before.. the tide and current is still winter. Its one of the things i cant wait to do there!

Thank you A Human.. if you click on it to make it bigger then set it as background some are really nice. I had my camera on the wrong focus so the sunset ones may be fuzzy=0I My camera and I sometimes dont quite get along LOLOL
ρομπερτ said…
Looks like a prayer for me. Thank you for sharing.
Hi Leilani, I love the new look of your blog, but where have all that lovely music gone to? I miss it.

Please also let me know how you did the Celine Dion/Andrea Boccelli recording with your photos or was it prerecorded somewhere else?
Jo said…
Every time I visit your blog, I hear a voice saying "Ahhhhhh" and then I realize it's me...!
leilani said…
A human i made it on my computer and it took forever! I downloaded the Windows DVD maker and went from there!

Thank you Robert!

!LOL Jo thank you!

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