20 Miles in Two Hours

I love my little camera. LOL shes not high end but i carry her everywhere with me.

The housing that holds the camera needed new O rings, those are the rubber pieces that keep the water out of her. I had to go to Honolulu for those.

Honolulu is only 20- 25 miles away. IT TOOK ME 2 HOURS to go those miles.. ONE WAY!

Seriously, our inability to work together to solve Oahus traffic problem,to work out a solution for the good of all of us is simply.......



Chrissy said…
The first time Eric took me on the freeway I laughed... The speed limit is what got me... Over here its 65.. and some parts higher... I told him u guys have more of a highway... also u need more lanes and another freeway... U and I know the problem is the population and the need of the builders to keep building and killing off those gorgeous hillsides.
Remember when that army crane hit the overpass last year or so? E. was stuck in that traffic and called me since he had a lot of time to kill!. lol
Jo said…
When I was in Oahu, the one thing that struck me was the traffic...! Who knew...!

But, what a lovely place to live. My goodness!
Maithri said…
Oh no.... That sucks big time... you might as well hitch a ride on a dolphin...it'd be a LOT faster! ;)

Much love my friend, M
Firefly said…
2 hours for 25 miles. Eish! Thats hectic.
ps. I always wondered what your camera looks like.
leilani said…
LOL Chrissy, it is just so awful! I live in Wahiawa, work in Mililani, 10 minutes tops to get to work. I cannot IMAGINE how awful it is for the people who work in Honolulu!

Jo as long as you stay OUT of Honolulu! =0)

Maithri! LOL I was thinking while sitting in this mess, i SHOULD of swum home !
If i had my way we would have a HUG water canal, everyone would bogie board to work!

Fire, she just a little inexpensive camera but i love her to death. You should of seen me standing next to all the pros with their MEGA cameras taking big wave pics! I got some weird looks! =0) I like pro photographers they see things differently!
leilani said…
thats HUGE MAITHRI HUGE!sheeshhh=0I
That is bad, really bad. I always imagine your islands as quiet and peaceful and serene, never even giving traffic a thought, less so traffic problems.

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