Sunday Morning Magic

Na Leo - Hawaiian Lullaby Acoustic Vrs .mp3
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Sunday morning it was raining. In Hawaii, rain usually means beautiful rainbows and this Sunday morning was no exception!

The islands for some reason have the ability to rain while the sun is out and that creates some beautiful scenery.

The Waimea valley and its river look prehistoric when it rains.

Turn around and face the bay and this is what greets you...

Hop in the car and go down the road a mile or two..

..The rainbows cascade over the heads of the surfers who LOVE a colorful sky out there!

AND THEN top it off with a turtle who swims up to you and says,"HEY MAN u see the RAINBOW?"


LOLOL i am an island gal


robert said…
Being in love with rain very much, this entry of yours was for sure of interest. May you find yourself always at a place with such magic.
A wonderful weekend for you.
Anonymous said…
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Jo said…
That turtle made me chuckle.

When I was in Hawaii, we rented a jeep and got caught in the rain, and it was wonderful...! You are so lucky to live in the most beautiful place on earth. :-)

(Oh, by the way, caster sugar is just regular sugar, only more finely ground...)
leilani said…
oh okay Jo!! thank you!
Crazyfox said…
Oh yah, the rainbows...I miss them as well. haven't seen one here yet and perhaps won' doesn't rain and sun shine at the same time.
Firefly said…
Rainbows truely are magical things from God. I feel blessed each time I see one. And what about the turtle? How awesome is that.
leilani said…
Craqzy and Fire.. I like the saying,"No rain, NO rainbows. It gives me a promise o0f better when things get tough. I agree with you Fire! Dave somewhere there where you are there are rainbows . you just have to find them ! =0)

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