Ski or Surf?

It snowned on the Big Island of Hawaii last night. So the burning question for some today was, "SHOULD i surf or should i ski?"

The picture was part of a news story here in the islands.

It has been a chilly day all day... 75, 76 degrees or so....LOLOL

I am an island gal..........


Firefly said…
So much snow on the mountains so close to the sea. We get some snow in SOuth Africa, but the closest to me is usually a couple of hours away and melts quickly. Which means that I have never see proper snow.
Chrissy said…
Wow, that's the second time isn't it? didn't it snow earlier in the year? I was talking to my bf who lives on Oahu and he didn't mention any snow on the Big Island...
leilani said…
Fire, since im oahu ive never seen it myself! LOL by the time i took a plane to the big island it would of melted! LOLOL! =)

Chrissy, im not sure if this is the first or not... news says it melted quickly. My friend who mo9nitors the volcano never said a word on his blog either. One day i want to see it. It must be beautiful!

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