Beautiful Sunday

Rainbows out in full force on the North Shore this morning!

The water was really calm today. It took awhile for the sun to come out in full force and I got cold swimming. Once I get cold it is really hard to warm back up even in the sun. The Ocean cold goes straight to the bone but...

..Those rainbows gave way to a BEAUTIFUL Sunday!

Cold or Warm... I am an island gal... =0)


Firefly said…
That third pic of the rainbow is beautiful. Looks like winter is moving in.
Noooooo! Please let the coldness stay away a bit longer. I don't want to start wearing my wet suit yet.
Are those raindrops on the lens int he last photo? I visited your island via Google Earth last night. It is so intersting visiting Turtle Bay and the North Shore. I saw the Hilton hotel and the golg course up there. GE is such a fun program and I love sneaking in your backdoor when you are not looking.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful entry of yours tonight!
Years since I last saw a rainbow and since I found time to swim.

As the former blog has closed it would be an honour to see your blog-list updated with the new one:
A wonderful new week for you.
leilani said…
Thank you Fire =0) Don its funny cuz explaining cold to snowbound people makes them laugh, but the ocean really can pack a cold whallop!

A Human! I love that you do that! it makes it easier to see what im talkin abou=0) i LOVE GE!

Robert! I need to remember that next time im in the water and take a dive for you! I have been to ur blog! I am hanging in there and following ur awesome , intelligent mind -exercising BLOG! =0)
leilani said…
A Human =0) thats salt water on my camera! I get out of the water and forget to shake the water off. LOL .. I usually dont carry a towel, just me, my snorkel, googles, camera and swimsuit =0)

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