On this Planet, at this Time, In this Moment

As i sit here typing my bones just ache. My muscles scream everytime i move anything and I think the most prominent thought in my mind is, " I am getting too old to do this." Hours of treading water and swimming in fast bursts is wearing on my body. LOL .. the other alternative is to sit on shore and watch from a distance and that is just not even in any vocabulary I know right now.

So i will continue as long as I can to swim among the dolphins. They came again today.

I always marvel at the joy they carry with them. Today i saw grown men crying with delight. I saw children wide-eyed with wonder and I felt the water move around me as my friends the dolphins began to play with me.

After awhile I looked down at the black screen on my camera and realized my battery was dead. sigh .. The dolphins didnt mind so i continued singing thru my snorkel ,rejoicing that I live on this planet, at this time, in this moment.

Reading the blogs I follow I see so much beauty not only in nature but in the words and actions of the human spirit. May we all continue to rejoice on this planet, at this time, in this moment.

I am an island gal....


Linda S. Socha said…
What a beautiful post!. Yes. You are definitely an Island gal and one who is blessed I think
robert said…
A German newspaper wrote a couple of years ago: Dolphins - Einstein within water.
A hui hou.
Faye Pekas said…
This is so beautiful. Wonderful shots and beautiful words. I got misty eyed just reading about your experience.
Firefly said…
It is so wonderful to be able to follow a blog of somebody who has so much passion and love for nature and especially the ocean. You go (island)gal
leilani said…
Thank you Linda ! yes Robert! sometimes i think they are looking at me asif to say "yah big dummy" lol I swim funny=0) Thank you Faye! I really love the bloggers here! awww fire thank you ! sometimes i exhaust myself, not to mention my family ! =0)
Crazyfox said…
You really have a connection with these dolphins. I never cme upon them when I snorkeled.This is at Waimea isn't it ?
leilani said…
yes Dave =0) Naialani means heavenly dolphin. I truly believe I needed the change in my life , the way I thought and the way I lived. This was and continues to be no accident=0)

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