Cave at the Cove.

My daughter Rayna and I used this cave at the cove as a playground many times. There are certain years that this cave is lined with seaweed and sea moss soooo thick and beautiful it is decadent!

I have tried many times in vain to get a picture looking out of this cave onto the land but the morning light just doesnt do this cave justice.

Last week on my 100th attempt to capture the picture i see in my mind, i realized i was treading water in a pool of sun.

I wondered WHERE the sun was coming from so I looked UP!!

I saw this.

In ALL my years (and thats alot of years) on this island.. Thru ALL the times I swam in this cave.. I HAVE NEVER LOOKED UP !


The fish in the cove must of been having a good chuckle over my silliness...

I am an island gal


Firefly said…
This looks like a very interesting spot to explore. For you never to look up... I'm not surprised as it seems that you always have your head under the water.
leilani said…
LOl Fire !!! i know shame on me !!! LOLOL ur comment made me roar with laughter!

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