Here from the Beginning

I was having one of those , "WHATS wrong with the humans on this planet" days, when i came across this plant with a sign naming the plant. It says,

"Kipukai Seaside Heliotrope".

Growing in the cracks of the rock on the edge of the seaside cliffs, this plant is an indigenous plant, meaning it was growing here from the beginning of civilization on the island. It wasnt brought here, it has lived here .

That little sign speaks volumes. It says to me someone cares !! The island of Oahu has very few plants left that are indigenous. Like most things that are extremely good this sign does not say who put it there !! God Bless the person or persons who put this sign there. It could not of been easy. My foremost thought while taking this pic was , LANI, please do not fall on the plant and kill it !! LOL... i am an island girl.


Starlene said…
That's so awesome. : ) Did you know that stateside, there are groups of people that go into a forest scheduled for destruction for future housing developments, and they dig up as many native plants as they can, and transplant them somewhere safe. It makes my heart melt. : ) I wish I could find people like that where I live. Sadly, most of the groups are in New England or on the west coast where the rest of the open-minded people are.
Jo said…
You live in the most beautiful place on earth. It's wonderful to see that people care about preserving what they can. Your beautiful islands, and the people who lived there were decimated by "civilization".
Yes, civilisation is not always so civilised. Please tell us more about your wonderful islands in future. I have grown up with Hawai as one of my mysterious, wonderful places and would love to know more about it.
leilani said…
yes Starlene i so love that !! i lokked for a group name on the sign but there wasnt one ! LOL I otta make a thank you sign and stick it somewhere !! =0)
leilani said…
Jo i so agree, Oahu is sooo overpopulated. If you visit go to Kauai or Maui, they are such worth it islands !!
leilani said…
Will do HUMAN!! the word is Looked Starlene..LOL i spend to much time in the water!! LOL

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