I was driving home from the beach on Monday, and as always I looked a little to the right while driving. I like to look at the mountain range. I started to smile because at a certain point in that range my dad came to my mind. Years back a movie called Tora, Tora, Tora was being filmed on Oahu, and they used Japanese zeros during the filming. One particular day i remember them flying over our house. My dad being from the Pearl Harbor era, he had friends on the ships that sat in the Harbor, looked up, saw the movie set zeros, paused for a second stare and then started running .... LOL reflex reaction !!! I teased him about it for years, he would just give me a silent glare ...LOL. On this day that memory caused me to pull over and stop the car. I stood on the door sill of the car and took a picture of Kolekole Pass, the dip in the mountain range where the real Japanese Zeros came thru years ago. On this day I took this picture with my dad in mind. That time, that day so long ago, never ever left him.


Jo said…
Oh, golly. That must have been a really horrible day for everyone in Hawaii. Oh, gosh!
leilani said…
It took awhile for many to understand what was happening. From the tales the older folks tell they were all really scared.

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