NANO second.

Three miles straight out from where I swim with the dolphins, a boat pulls up, stops its engines, and throws a big silver cage overboard. The people who operate the boat then load people down into this cage and hang a big piece of raw meat off the boat. Needless to say, the BIG Tiger Sharks in the area and the occasional Great White Shark smell a meal. If they are not there when the boat gets there , they will show up shortly. The humans in the cage are given a rare opportunity to see a big shark up close without getting hurt. This activity in recent years, has changed the way I swim with the dophins. Now a human isnt shark food but accidents happen. Three miles seems like a long way but to a BIG SHARK it is a NANO second. I now pay GREAT attention to what and HOW the dolphins are acting. I have had them swim into the bay, swim around me a couple times highly, highly excited and then VERY quickly dissappear, when this happens i need to be close to shore. If they leave in a split second, I need to be headed for shore!!! They KNOW WHATS IN THE WATER, I dont, I dont have their sonar!!! Ive wondered every year for a couple years now, "will I see the dolphins again this year ?" so far, so good !!!! I love the Ocean and ALL the creatures in it !!


Patricia said…
I cannot imagine the ocean without dolphins, or for that matter, without sharks. You are fortunate to know the watery world so well.
leilani said…
Balance Patricia, yes i agree, to have dolphins we must have sharks!!! They are both so beautiful in their own way. If you have time check out The adventures of Maui Don-dolphin dude. He is part fish i i have never met him, but i think he is a special guy.

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