You've heard me agonize over the disappearance of my cat Yeller. There hasn't been a day since he left that i haven't looked for him or missed him. During Yellers short time with us, he had a mini episode with our resident wild cat mama kitty. Out of that episode came an adorable kitten I called Yeller Two or YT for short. Each day i watch as YT becomes the carbon copy of his father Yeller. YTs personality is just like his dads, a mixture of a big and gentle ,not so smart rascal that is so endearing. But there is one tell-tale sign that leaves no doubt, the meow. Now Yeller could hold a meow note for a good 20 seconds. He would open his mouth and let loose a sound that resembled a note on an organ . As long as yellers mouth was open that note would fly though the air with amazing clarity and volume. So it did not surprise me one day as i got out of the car after a long day at work to see YT coming around the side of the house, mouth open, giving me the delightful sound of an organ note. Thats YT in the pictures.


Barry said…
Obviously Yeller is beautiful, and I hope Yeller Two heals some of the pain.
leilani said…
awwwwwwwwww thank u Barry !!!!

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