For some reason, the wind over the waters of Oahu, will not back off... it makes the ocean rough, tossed about, murky, cant see a thing under there. So I have been stuck on shore....  as you can see from the pictures, being stuck on shore is really a "bad" thing. LOLOL!! Wind....


Cloudia said…
nice photos


ALOHA from Honolulu,
Nancy said…
I love Hawaii, even with the wind, which howls where we are in Maui. Heading your way in June with my family. Can't wait!
Jonker Fourie said…
Wind or no wind, at least summer is approaching. A big cold front brought winter to us this morning.
Leilani Tresise said…
oo no Jonkers!!! we remain in opposite seasons... what an amazing planet!! its gonna be reall nice Nancy!!, Thank you Cloudia!!

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