So So Worth It....

 I stood here yesterday  4-11-14 and remembered another day several years ago. I started right here where the sand and this picture begin, picking up trash off the beautiful beach at Makua, west side Oahu. A week day, NO ONE was on the beach. As i walked, I became livid... sooo much trash!!! I was soon talking to myself just under the volume of a scream... For some reason I looked to my left and into the water... There right on the shoreline were 4 big dorsal fins swimming along, following either my footsteps or my yelling... =I Immediately, i felt and held back, the human compulsion to run into the water, try and see if i could see them, swim with them. The size and deep dark color of their dorsal fins told me they were Bottle nose Dolphins and i knew right there that if i went into the water they would be gone. I had been dragging a garbage bag, I stopped, my body motionless..."Hi u guys!! What yah doing??" No answer, so i just pretended i was busy. I continued with my trash pickup, this time I was completely silent, watching while i walked, my very silent ocean companions. they stayed with me awhile and then submerged, silent, in stealth mode, gone in a blink..... It was for me another pivotal moment in my life... I continue to pick up trash off the shoreline, i wont stop. On the days when i'm tired, grumpy or overwhelmed from the amount of trash i'm picking up.... I pause for a moment on the shoreline and I remember those 4 large beautiful dorsal fins ..... keeping trash out of the ocean??? so so worth it....


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