An Angels Stance

The human body, spirit and mind is a complex thing. I watch as people gather for sunset... they talk, they laugh, they smile, they dont smile, they holler at the kids, they holler at their significant other... they fiddle with this , they fiddle with that..u know normal human activity..Then as if a silent alarm has gone off, all of a sudden,just out of the blue, Every EYE is on the Horizon, in unison!....Its always very profound because they don't appear to be aware that all around them, life has come to a standstill... that's whats going on in this capture.. I call it An Angels Stance....

From the Sunset on the Westside of Oahu.... I am an island gal...


Jonker Fourie said…
Sunsets have a way of taking one's mind off everything else, including your problems, for at least a couple of minutes.

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