Touch My Heart

 Makua.... morning... I start my swim on the far right side... when i get to the middle of this beautiful stretch of ocean, the mountains suddenly appeared to my eyes to be spread like two open arms welcoming the sea and those in it  .Even though the mountains are summer dry, they are still magnificent.  I feast my eyes on the sight...I started to sing, the Hawaiian leaving my lips as sighs deep from within my soul. Time... there is none.. am I here in the 21st century or back in another time?..My thoughts follow my limbs, treading water almost
 motionless, caught in between now and another time long ago...This place, the water, the mountains, her valleys, priceless, timeless. I am shaken back into reality , the now, by the sound of a motor.. a boat... I continue my song, my tongue soothed by the words... From my shallow water perch , I look to my right. Dorsal fins.. "HUI" I say, "E Komo Mai". The dorsal fins turn my way and i become part of the pod. Wild and free I am delighted to see them. Its been 2 years since the pod I call "family" has included me in their travels.. Quiet and somber.. they have very tiny babies with them..they float by me in the shallow water,their 3 tones of gray stunning in the sun drenched ocean.. I am over joyed.. This place... Makua..on the west side of Oahu... fills my soul.. These beautiful creatures, wise in ways we will never be able to comprehend.. touch my heart...


Our dolphins have not been around for months. I am so happy to hear that they haven't disappeared. They choose special souls to appear to, and that is definitely you, Leilani.
Firefly said…
You truly are a two legged mermaid. You should have had fins

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