A Hawaiian in Boston...

No not Hawaiian.. its a Boston sunrise...  I am in Boston for a short time...my daughter lives here and it was my turn to take the grueling plane ride to get here....Somehow a sunrise like this in Boston is much more profound than the ones we have in Hawaii. The sun rising up over the Atlantic  thru the magnificent trees of New England! Are we not as a human race so very very fortunate to live among , around and under such beauty?! I will be back home next week... See u then!!


Robert Geiss said…
Miss traveling much. Please have you all a wonderful time.
Firefly said…
We have had some stunning sunsets lately. Hope its not a case that I haven't noticed them for a while.
Yes, the beauty of nature is everywhere, we just have to take the time to open our eyes to see it.
slim said…
Welcome to the Boston shore! I highly recommend visiting one of the Boston Harbor Islands while you are here. Little Brewster Island with Boston Light is one of my favorites . . . but maybe you will be heading to Cape Cod in hopes of seeing a Great White??? Enjoy the visit with your family. Would like to see a couple of Atlantic coast pictures on your blog.

btw Hawaii will have 4 Bostonians visiting next January ... can't wait.

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