An Unchanging Gift.

George Clooney plays the role of a part Hawaiian/part Haole in his latest movie "The Descendants". He does an okay job , I liked the movie.

The word "Haole" is a MUCH misrepresented, misused, maligned word. It is simply the word Hawaiians used for "Caucasian" . I use the word "Haole" loving and descriptively.

I received a gift the other day... I was working and Mr. Z dropped by. I met Mr. Z and his wife at work. I thought he was a Haole man,until he spoke.

 His words delivered with precision and correct enunciation, Mr Z is a well educated soft spoken man, but his words i noticed right away, were released with a soft breeze attached to them... "Mr Z", I asked. "What nationality are you?". He looked at me softly and spoke my name, it came floating out thru the air, the Hawaiian trade winds pronouncing my name "Leilani"    " I am Haole, Hawaiian" "OHHHH" i smiled.

Many years ago the Woman of Hawaiian royalty here in the Hawaiian Islands fell in love with and married men of Haole Origins.
 Many of these royal women had huge amounts of land here in the islands, when they married that land became their husbands land . As the islands grew in population theses familes, with massive amounts of land became extremely wealthy.
George Clooney was right when he said in the movie "The Descendant" "You cannot tell who these wealthy descendant are, they look like beach bums" . Mr Z doesnot look like a beach bum but he is a descendant. His mother Hawaiian, his father Haole, Mr Z is a prominent member of the islands.. Mr Z. came to my work place the other day bearing gifts. 2 yellow Hibiscus and a picture of a Hawaiian Herring that lives in his yard.

These gifts to me are priceless. Given in the style that is old Hawaii where the words " HUI" "E Komo Mai" ..... where a way of life. Where the graciousness was not in WHAT was given but in HOW it was given... Ironically it is just as important today, as it was then. The good things, the right things, the things that count, never ever change.

  p.s (It is a delightful story of how Mr. Z met Mrs. Z, his pure Haole wife, and how her parents were horrified she was marrying a " beach bum")


U r right, 'haole' is not a derogatory word, its all in how its used... Clooney is one I did not think who was a believable character.. I couldn't see him as a father figure.. and yes, he was just ok as an actor in this.
Firefly said…
I haven't seen the movie but perhaps I should keep my eyes open for it.

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