Heiau At Makapu'u

The ancient Hawaiians built their places of worship(Heiau's) in some of the most beautiful locations...

Makapu'u means "Bulging eyes" and that is exactly what mine where doing when i was here at this Heiau this weekend... It was absolutely stunning!
It had been years since I had been out to this part of Oahu. The very Eastern tip of the island. There is no doubt, that the ancient Hawaiians appreciated Beauty..

What else could you, in all good conscience build here, but a place of worship?

It is Kapu(forbidden) to step into these places... the strangest things can happen if you do!

I am a superstitious Hawaiian gal.....


I don't doubt it at all.. Sacred grounds are sacred for a reason.. I've never been to the eastern side.. Have to admit its gorgeous- untouched and uncommercial!.
Firefly said…
I can just imagine the piece and spirituality that one would experience visiting a place like this. How I wish I could join you there and see it for myself.
leilani said…
I love it Kalei!! unfortunately behind me was Sea Life Park... I dont frequent this side because I cant bear the sight of imprisioned dolphins=(

Fire... each time it is what we call "goosebump" moments!

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