The Heat

We are moving right on into summer...the sun intensifies here in the islands and it turns up the heat.... one good thing about a stronger sun, the water turns an amazing blue and green and purple..... the stronger sun that turns up the heat, beats down and thru and into even the early morning water, giving the appearance of divine conversations going on...

Even with the heat, it is good to finally see the summer..........


You write about the heat Leilani, but your photos are so cool :-)
More hot sun, more. Hurry up and warm up the water.
Robert Geiss said…
Thank you very much for these dream like pictures !

Please have a good Wednesday.
Firefly said…
Mmmmm, getting colder here. I will have to join you on virtual swims. I'm looking forward to your summer outings to the beach.
leilani said…
=) Thank you A HUMAN... =)

lolol DON! lolol...

your welcome Robert!

Thats right Fire.. we have opposite seasons!

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