Can or Cannot

 5/2/12... I saw him as soon as i hit the sand... tooooo far up on the rocky shoreline he was stuck... hed been there for awhile.... he was grey white, his neck stretched out limp, his head hanging at an odd angle. OMG!!!!! i dropped my bag, my camera , my towel and went running towards him...I yelled to the two young adults standing near him, "IS HE ALIVE?" for i trully thought this Big beautiful turtle was dead... "yes" the small framed gal answered, "He moved when i splashed water on him"... I moaned inwardly... "NONONO" i said "we HAVE to put him back near the shoreline"... I had on my gators so i went flyin over the sharp black lava rocks... I was a baby goat over the smooth slick sandstone... "Please I said to the two young adults, "help me". They hesitated... its illegal to touch these guys, but that wasnt what was wrong.. they were scared.. I said" He wont hurt you , and i bent down and lifted one side of this huge beautiful animal and said to it" Let me help you, I will not leave u here" He started to move as I lifted him...the young man standing there flew into action.... we helped this turtle over the jagged lava rocks to a spot near the shoreline, where he could revive... he rested about 5 minutes, then he swam off... It was joyous to see him swim off.... It truly is about what we CAN do, not about what we cannot....


Your last sentence reminds me of what Obama has said in his many speeches..Seriously, I would of run up to the turtle as well... Glad there was nothing wrong w/him.. He was probably thankful for your help.. Poor guy probably got confused...
Firefly said…
You truly are a very special person and very much in touch with mother earth. I hope this act inspires the two young adults in future as well.

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