What and Why?

Does anyone know WHAT those highlighted words are in my blog and WHY they are there?? Is it just me who sees them or can you folks see them too? I didnot put them there.. anyone have the 411 on this? =)


what highlighted words??? i don't see anything highlighted.
leilani said…
okay Chrissy! good... when i go to View my blog.. I see highlighted words... as long as u folks are seeing it , its okay!! =)
leilani said…
*are not seeing it
Don't see them either. Maybe it is doing a spell check and these are words it doesn't know?
Firefly said…
You seem to be the only one to see them. Strange though.
leilani said…
Okay thanks guys!! =) Main thing nobody is clicking on someting i didnt put there! =)

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