Mornings, The Mountains and Divine Intervention.

Its one of the most beautiful settings here on Oahu. The Morning sun rising in the East, lighting the mountains of the west. Regardless, this rocky shoreline is well used by fisherman and the trash can get out of hand. Lately on this stretch of shoreline I noticed someone was picking up the trash.. Not a speck to be found.. I was delighted..

On this particular morning I rounded the corner and was hit with a surprise... TRASH.. "OH NO... I hope the person or persons who have been caring for this stretch are okay." Was my first thought... Then, okay i brought no bag.. no way to pick this stuff up.. I stood frozen.. "OKAY LANI.. whatcha gonna do?" I asked myself... " You're gonna have to walk all the way back to your car!" sigh...
Something caught my eye... "EUREKA".. a huge plastic bag... I jettisoned into gear, laughing...I looked up into the blue sky... "Thank you, I needed this bag!"

The bag was so big I got every single piece of trash....

I am an island gal.....


I'd like to meet the one who left that bag! Guess things happen for a reason... You know if I was there, I'd be helping you.
Firefly said…
You have such an amazingly caring sou. Somebody should give you an environmental award.
As is so often the case, ask and you shall receive (although sometimes what you receive is not at all what you want).
Thank you so much for your devotion to the aina.
Robert Geiss said…
You must indeed live in Paradise.

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