"The Suns Up!"

I was reminded by Mother Nature this morning just why it is I get up before the chickens and then practically beat myself up to get to the east shoreline before dawn..

Today, February 24, 2012, began with one of the most beautiful sunrises. Yes, it is still winter water here on Oahu... but this sunrise more than made up for it especially when the gulls flew by, their voices sounding like laughter, I swore I heard them gleefully say, "THE SUNS UP!"

I am an island gal............


I'm so glad I live on a west-facing shore - I don't have to get up early to watch the sunrise because there's a 10,000 foot mountain in the way (that's my excuse anyway). Thank you for letting me experience your sunrises with your spectacular photographs. Mahalo
leilani said…
ur welcome Don!

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