Yesterday morning i hobbled down to the place i call turtle rock(ive hurt my knee somehow=/)... I got out of the car and l looked to the sky. Very thick dark clouds nestled in the sky except for one small round spot where the sun was trying to shine thru... every time i see something like this in the sky i think of my mom... I smiled and said, "hi mom. how about a rainbow?" i continued hobbling the short distance to shore........ I had to smile.... rainbow....

As we round out the year 2011... i ask you to believe in the good, the impossible, the magical.... I ask you to grasp hold of ALL the GOOD this planet has to offer and to LIVE to shine a light in all dark places. whether u believe in creation or evolution, Jesus or Darwin, there is no denying the magnificence of this planet. We as humans have been given ALL we need to live a life full of quality... begin with gratitude.... you will find joy! Happy New Year!


I'm with you Leilani. We can make a difference in this world by being a living example.
p.s. good luck on your knee
Lei, I try to do that every year!. :-0.....wish others would do the same.
Robert Geiss said…
How wonderful a picture, probably unique.

Please have you all a Happy New Year !

daily athens photo
slim said…
Beautifully said, Leilani. These are words I try and live by.
Nancy said…
Thank you. Just what I needed to hear today!
sbo said…
thank you so much. fosbobetr good Archive

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