Raising Baby

This is as close as i could get to a mother Hawaiian Monk Seal and her newborn pup. What struck me is the place she chose.

Absolutely beautiful... a little pond that sits above the open ocean..

What a beautiful place for raising a baby!

They are to the middle left of the first picture.

They will be here for at least another 4 weeks, I will go back with a different camera and try to get a closer picture of the pair.

Its be awhile since Ive been to this part of the island... I had forgotten how remote and magnificent it is!

I am an island gal......


Firefly said…
One needs a good environment to raise babies, and this looks like an awesome spot to do so.
Nancy said…
It is magnificient. I'm feeling the call of the islands. My husband wants to make reservations for Thanksgiving. I have to admit it is very appealing - dinner at Mama's in Maui. The beautiful ocean calls to us and we feel a need to return to the sounds and smells of beautiful Hawaii. You lucky island gal!
Lucky you to see a pup. Part of the reason they are endangered is that the pups have been dying. Hopefully this pair has found a safe place away from crazy people and dogs.
Anonymous said…
What a dream !

Thank you for sharing. Please have a good weekend.

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