How Can it Be?

To get to this stretch of beach on the North Shore of Oahu I had to leave my car in an area that has become a home to the homeless. I was concerned about my car but being out here won over in the end and off I went.

Saw two wild boar in these bushes... They looked at me like I was the scariest thing on the planet and took off running..

Saw two canoes taking off practicing for the races they enter in all year. It was so quiet out here, it was like I had left modern Hawaii behind and stepped into the past. I was beyond delighted.

This turtle laying in the sun out here in the quiet,a turtle who once in the sun and on the sand, very rarely open their eyes, acknowledged my presence by opening his.

How can it be that we have given up this peace, this quiet, this harmony, for the world most of us live in? How can it be?

I am an island gal.......


Anonymous said…
Thank you for this waking up - entry of yours.

daily athens
Firefly said…
Having such a place to escape to must be super. Problem is that you have to be sure it is save though.
Hi there Leilani, Just want to tell you that I visited you last night. I traveled all along the Oahu shoreline via Google Earth so I must have been here also. Regards, Human.

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