Quiet Awe

Videographer I am not... this turtle comes ashore... tired... ready for the sun...
(sorry its blurry, the sun was really bright!)

Ive seen alot on the shorelines, but this big mans quiet awe of the turtle that had just come ashore took my breath away...

This man stayed for awhile, just sat and watched this turtle. What a joy it was watching both of them!

I am an island gal.......


Firefly said…
Something like that would affect different people in different ways. Some idiots would have gone to try and touch it, but I'm glad this guy just took in the opportunity to experience this magnificent animal like this.
Lucky man! Wish I was him..
Nancy said…
We are so connected.
I love that that man felt the awe I felt watching your video. Thanks for sharing.
We miss our little island home and the creatures that live there. (My husband says he feels like he is finally home when we hit the Maui airport.)
ρομπερτ said…
A journey into Paradise. Thank you for sharing ! Please have a good Thursday.
leilani said…
In agree Fire... seen alot out here I notice lately people are more "natre friendly" I love it!

Chrissy if u are ever here let me know!

yes Nancy! and ur husbands words brought tears to my eyes!

Your welcome Robert!

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