Land of the Rain

I am sorry for the lack of underwater blogs. For weeks now the island of Oahu has been subject to not just rain, but torrential rains... The water from the mountains flowing with a vengeance into the sea..You can't see your hand in front of your face under water. Not good... I was practically screaming at the estuary that flows into Waimea Bay a couple of mornings ago... Early.. just me screaming... "WHY? WHY?"

The rainbow that appeared was my answer....I am an island gal, waiting for the Land of the Rain to return to normal.....


Anonymous said…
breath taking moment !

daily athens
Cloudia said…
and what about all the unusual lightning and thunder we never seemed to get before?

Amazing shot today!!!!!!!

Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral



Wonderful photo. Your photos of the island above the water is just as welcome as your photos of inside the deep. Just keep them coming.
Firefly said…
Beautiful. I can imagine your frustration with summer stareting and you unable to get under water.
I hate not being able to get into the ocean. Here, it hasn't been rain but a big south swell that has murked everywhere up. Soon...
leilani said…
Thank you Robert!

Cloudia, I have never seen anything like it!

Thank tou A HUMAN! I miss ur blog!

Fire and Don, not swimming is just driving me
Nancy said…
Yes, Maui was hit like that over the summer. I wonder if they are also having murky water. It's been a very wet year.
Nancy said…
I meant winter not summer. geeze
leilani said…
Nancy, Dons been saying the water was not so good. Just in the last day or two hes posted clean water. we are in purgatory! LOLOL =0)

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