Harmony, Joy and Love

That second point in background, where the tall trees are, is where I started. Usually I have my binoculars,they are a must when scanning shorelines, but today I had forgotten mine.

I stood way down there looking up the shoreline and i knew the three small bumps I saw on shore were not rocks, so i started walking. Walking on sand for a distance can be grueling but this stretch of beach here is beautiful, so the walk goes quickly. The TV show LOST was based here that's how beautiful this stretch is.

I finally arrived and I was so glad I made the walk.. 3 turtles..all spaced on the sand in equal distances, the biggest turtle at the top, the smallest turtle at the far end. It reaffirmed what has become so obvious to me about nature. That harmony is a daily part of all wildlife big and small.

I noticed when I got here that 2 guys where swimming in the water, bouncing around playing just having fun. They got real quiet when I laid down on the sand and started taking pictures. I looked over and they were giving me the strangest looks. I kept on clicking, all of a sudden MASS HYSTERIA!!, these two gentlemen visitors are walking Oahu's shoreline and thought those 3 turtles were ROCKS. They realized while i was clicking away that these were turtles. They were from the East Coast and truly these 2 guys became bundles of joy! Camera phones clicking away!

On the way back, this turtle was pulling himself out of the water to sunbathe,he looked exhausted and my heart one more time filled with love for a planet truly truly magnificent.

Graceful and fast in the water, these turtles, Ocean Flyer's, become so heavy and slow, I wonder why they bother to come ashore. Their love of the sun is so strong that they endure great struggle just to reap the rewards of Mother Natures sunshine. One of those rewards is the green algae that live on their shells, dries up and some of these turtles have fabulous shells!

The Ocean you see in the pictures? underwater? still milky from all the rain.

I continue to wait for some harmony, joy and love in the visibility department! LOLOL.....

I am an island gal......


I definitely know the area Lost was filmed... Now u guys have Hawaii 5-0 filming... where is their location?
leilani said…
Chrisy, from what I know the studio in town and places around the island.. funny, if you live here yah dont really pay attention to the filming.. lolol..=)
Did you know that our turtles' hearts only beat five times per minute? Maybe that's why they move so slowly on land.
leilani said…
5 times per minute! sheeshhh! no high blood presure for these guys!They are magnificent gentle creatures. Thank you Don, I didnt know that!
Firefly said…
On South Africa's north eastern coastline people pay good money to go on safaris to see the big turtles lay their eggs at night during the time of year it happens. I would love to do that one day although your walkabouts seem a lot more interesting.

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