Like A Kid

As sunrises go this one was a beauty. I was on the east side of the island in the state owned park of Malaekahana(maw-lye-kaw-hah-naw). I spent some time in this little driftwood frame hut someone, probably an adult acting like a kid, built. I sat there like a kid, pretending I was a castaway. It was quite easy for me to act like a kid, i was a little ashamed and embarrassed about my castaway play so i scurried out to find bushes to view the sunrise in....

Settled into the brush(u guys know bushes are my second home) a woman in her late 60s walked across the screen on my camera, I lowered the camera and watched her. It was still quite dark, the water grey and black but like a kid, she walked right in. I know she didn't see me because she was singing and bobbing in the water, just like a kid.

Moving around alot, different shots, during sunrise, I stood and left the bush rounding the corner just as fast as i could......SURPRISE.... the woman's husband, also in his late 60s, was there, standing, arms stretched upward toward the rising sun and he was as naked as a jaybird!

I just didn't have the presence of mind right at that moment to take his picture... after all, we ARE really ADULTS just acting like kids!~

I am a adult island Gal........I think.... =0)


adult island gal??? naw, u is just a kid!. lol
I don't see any reason to grow up. I will be a child forever (although I am embarrassed to go nude in public).
Anonymous said…
how wonderful, how wonderful. may time and life continue to provide you with such a sight.

daily athens
Cloudia said…

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral



Unknown said…
Hahahaha... That must have been interesting.

If one can't act like a child anymore its time to pack it in and move on.
This must have been so funny... sorry about the missed shot though (lol)
Leilani Tresise said…
LOLOL u guys! Thank you for the comments! We are ALl just kids! =0D

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