Citizen Care

There is a sign up there on that fence, it says "do not touch the turtles" .. A sign made by the people who live in this area... i am always amazed how dedicated the people who live on the oceans shoreline are to her animals.. That turtle right there on the beach was out like a light...lolol.. it is within out power as humans to care for this planet! =) The water I am taking this picture from is like a washing machine... will post about it later!


ρομπερτ said…
It is always a small escape into another world, seeing your pictures. Thank you.

Please have a good Sunday.
Firefly said…
The people who live somewhere always care for their environment, but its the visitors that one has to worry about.
Crazyfox said…
I always really got a thrill out of swimming close to the turtles but never did touch one. Just swimming close was a privilege that not many will never have...Thank you Lord for allowing me the opportunites to see the beautiful creations You made for us to a distance that is..
leilani said…
ur welcome Robert!

I love it Fire!

Yes Dave.. it is truly a blessing!

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