Calm after the Storm....

After venting in the last post i feel so much better! Thank you for reading..

I am slowly working on the mindset that I, alone, can save the planet.

The storm has past and delivered to me my granddaughter... all the way from Boston, Mass. She and my daughter are here for a visit. Is it possible that a child I did not give birth to could be so much like me?

She is a light to me, a reflection of the child I once was. All is calm, all is good.

I am an island gal........


My grandma and I were very close.. She use to tell me stories about my mom.. I use to laugh at how exasperated she would get w/my mother. lol She always asked my opinion on things, which I think she did to validate how she felt.
Cloudia said…
Enjoy, Tutu!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral


Firefly said…
I'm sure you will be heading into the shallows with her soon.

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