Being Wild and Free

I do the darnedest things. I have this little glitch in me that makes me forget that RULES are made for a reason.

I call this turtle BIG... He will periodically swim into Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu and cruise up and down the shoreline. His BIG dark shape in the water has frightened many tourists and then caused general chaos once they realize its a HUGE sea turtle!

I have often wondered if he realizes the great concern and then pure joy he causes. Its rare for a turtle this large to venture into shallow clear water just to swim so I get the idea he just does what he wants being a wild and free turtle.

I was delighted to see him. Its been a year at least since I had last seen him at the Bay, so I hurried into the water and started taking pictures.

Big did what most large sea animals do when seeing a human close to them, he went for deeper water. I tagged along after him thankful he was in a neutral gear. A turtle this big can disappear in a flash but he just cruised not fearing me but not liking or wanting my attention.

In Hawaii it is not legal to touch,harass, feed, kiss or hug a sea turtle.. This applies to EVERYONE including me.. You would never of guessed that when I reached my hand out toward this magnificent turtle and gently petted his shell.

Well! BIG was NOT enlightened by my touch. Turtles can turn on a dime and that's exactly what he did. He was in my face so fast all I could do was shut my eyes, turn away from him and swim like heck.

Thankfully turtles are not violent creatures but that was a warning to me, the only ones in the Ocean with the right to do exactly as they please are our ocean creatures who are just Being Wild and Free.

I am an island gal........


GF, he definitely knows!. btw love your header photo!.
ρομπερτ said…
what a role model - may time and life continue to treat him kind.

please have a good thursday.
Firefly said…
I am so amazed at how you know all you turtle friends like this. It must be wonderful to swim with them like this, but I agree with the no touch rule, even though one wants to. Not everybody has a pure heart like you and may try to harm him in some way if her gets near them.
I know, sometimes it is really hard to not interact with sea creatures. I have my lapses too.
I agree with Kalei's Best Friend, spectacular header photo!
leilani said…
Thank you kalei and Don! Took that from the exposed root of a big tree.. =)it was a cool little fort!

Thank you Robert!

Fire, Thank you!

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