How Did I Get Here?

I asked myself this question over and over as I sat on the cliffs of the East coast of Oahu watching the sunrise.

A woman who at one time was afraid of practically everything I now scale these cliffs alone, eager to see what the sun brings with it.

It took awhile to get here I know that, I just don't remember the details. Maybe just maybe if I did remember the details I would not be where I am...

Here's the amazing thing... it used to be just me up here... after I took these pictures I turned around... there were 8 PEOPLE BEHIND ME! lolol.... guess i wasn't the only one wondering, "How Did I Get Here?"

Life is for living...

I am an island gal.....


Life experience brought u to where u are... btw just saw an ad in a magazine about that Disney resort..August of 2011 its suppose to open.
leilani said…
They better have a Mickey Mouse! LOLOL.. how hawaiian is that?? I wanna see MICKEY!
Firefly said…
That is the best way to start the day. Enjoying such a beautiful sunrise.

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