No more Drought..

They say we are no longer in a drought here on Oahu! LOLOL you think?

Massive amounts of water have caused chaos here on the island...

I hope its over.. but we havent even hit the rainy season yet!!

The picture is of one of the MANY small rivers flowing into the ocean.. this river at world famous Sunset Beach ONLY exists if there is too much rain!! Straight from the mountains it is FREEZING COLD!!

i am an island gal......


Nancy said…
Same on Maui. We left in December, but our friends say we have had epic proportions of rain there. Lots of flooding and brown waves. :-(
ρομπερτ said…
All the very best for you all. So far I thought of rain as liquide sunshine. Please have a good new week.

daily athens
Firefly said…
Just like there and in parts of Australia, parts of South Africa has also been hit by flooding. Thats just about everywhere except around my part of the country. Here we still struggle with a drought and even though we had a bit of rain on the coast, the catchment areas for our dams have had very little.
leilani said…
Crazy weather all around!! Whewwww makes yah think about the year 2012!

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