Million Dollar Question.

I carry a pair of Binoculars during the rough winter months. I stand and scan the shore line looking for the elusive Hawaiian Monk Seal. I run into alot of turtles this way and this guy was no different. Basking on shore, safe from the rough winter water and lava rock shore line this guy was "out like a light". Turtle van Winkle so to speak.

I had to walk quite a distance to get to him so I just sat and waited, I was there for pictures of the sunset. I sat a fair distance from this turtle for over an hour... Not once did I see him move... I remember thinking at the time, " Boy, that's one tired turtle!".

AHHHHHH but my camera saw something different ! This guy lifted his head Twice.... Here's the million dollar question?

What made this "Turtle Van Winkle" lift his head not once but twice in the hour i was there and when i wasn't looking at him?

I am curious to know what you think!


Nancy said…
He was being sly because he is camera shy. :-)

I hadn't heard about the medical waste...
I think he knew all along you were there waiting for him to move. He was watching you through his lashes (do turtles have lashes - lol) all the while and only lifted his head to have a good look at you when you looked away. Obviously a very wise old owl... eh, turtle.
I bet he could feel the sun going down- drop in temp. and he also sensed u...
leilani said…
I love what you guys wrote! Its much more fun seeing what you guys think!
leilani said…

Nancy heres the link to the video on the waste spill.. its horrendous!
ρομπερτ said…
Rare things search for something alike.

Please have a good new week.

daily athens
Firefly said…
Really special times you have.
leilani said…
Robert and Fire ! Thank you!
Crazyfox said…
The turtle could sense you were his friend so looked up twice hoping you were still there...How's that for a rteason ?

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